2018 Panya Project Year-Long Internship Program


2018 Year-long Permaculture Internships available at the Panya Project in Northern Thailand

If you are interested in experiencing permaculture in action, living in community, and engaging with DIY permaculture projects in a hands-on and dynamic environment, review this page and fill out the application!

For Panya community members, daily life is dynamic and dependent on the season. Involvement may include farming activities, gardening, food processing, natural construction, managing projects, event hosting, hospitality, and cooking. As an intern at the Panya Project, you will rapidly be asked to take part in management of the project, which includes a lot of responsibility and opportunity to learn and grow.


Panya Project is now accepting applications for interns for the year of 2017.

These positions start at the first of December 2017 and include

  • a full permaculture design course with very inspiring and experienced course facilitators, Lola Byron (UK) and Kyle Smith (South Africa)
  • a natural building course with natural builder Geoffroy Godeau (Belgium),
  • a Thai Self-reliance Course taught by Agroforestry and Thai language expert Michael Commons. 

After a couple months of an introductory period, including the permaculture design course, Interns will be taking over management of the education center and farm, taking on real decision-making authority and responsibility to the upliftment and the well-being of the education center. This is a great experience for anyone interested in living in an ecovillage or running an education center at some point.

Apply Now!

Applications need to be received by September 20th, 2017 at the latest.


Communal living is integral to our daily lives at Panya. Applicants should be comfortable living, communicating, working and playing in a community setting as well as contributing to community upkeep. As a community, we wake up together, eat meals together, take turns cooking for each other, and share in the responsibilities of keeping daily operations running smoothly. Each community member may have different responsibilities, but we do our best to work together as a cohesive group. Inevitably there are challenges, both physical and interpersonal, but even in these, we try our best to learn and grow from them.

The Panya Project is an 12-year old permaculture site and possibly the best known in all of South Asia. The farm is approximately 10 acres and located about an hour north of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. It was originally a Mango orchard and has been greatly diversified in that time. The farm boasts a large amount of mangos, avocados, bananas, and tons of other edibles. Panya is a natural building education center as well, so many of the buildings onsite were built by workshoppers and your time there will certainly include some exploration of natural plasters and building.

It is an exciting time at Panya, because with your help we are charting a new path toward more productivity and enlivening farm and community systems. We plan to be conducting many integrated permaculture projects and you will find yourself delving into everything from the implementation of organic garden beds, to work with natural plasters, from working with short-term volunteers, to feeding and caring for animals, from social media design to pruning and mulching the food forest. We look forward to your input to help craft the vision moving forward and create even more self-reliant and stable systems

Participation is experiential education; you are learning about permaculture and community by living in it. The most helpful, effective, and happy participants are self-motivated, interested, responsible, and accountable.


What we are asking of you:

We are looking for people who already have some permaculture experience. You don’t need to have taken a Permaculture Design Course, as you will get one as part of your first month onsite. If you already have a PDC, that is also fine, as sitting in on another is always a great experience with information you did not get the first time. The internship is ideal for anyone looking to get some solid permaculture and community living practice. Our internship is intended as a hands-on learning experience, rather than a workshop to be taught. You will be learning by working on various projects day in and day out. You must be able to guide your own learning experience and are sure to learn a ton during your time here.

Each Intern is asked to be a solid contributor both to the physical work of the site as well as to the social and emotional well-being of the community. Remember you will be living and working in a community!  You are given the freedom to make a genuine contribution to the future of our farm systems. As an intern, you are sure to get a full plethora of experiences from your time here!

What sets this internship apart from others?

Besides the incredibly engaging and enlivening site that is the Panya Project, this internship offers one very unique feature that is not like others. The Panya Project is run completely by people like you. During the first three months of the year, you will be accompanied by a number of "Panya Elders" and the management crew from the previous year. By month four, we will no longer refer to you as Interns any more, but as Managers of the site and the previous management crew will move on, leaving your group in charge of the whole project! There will be plenty of support from abroad with bi-weekly calls and support when needed. Your group will manage the money, take care of volunteers, run all the food operations and take care of course logistics. 

The style with which this is run is completely unique to the Panya Project and puts you in a position where you are faced with challenges and opportunities that will prepare you for a life of permaculture! 


Our design and community are ambitious, exciting and holistic. We look forward to seeing some amazing permaculture happen as the year goes by!

Work requirements are a minimum of 5 days a week, 4 hours a day of group sessions and 2 hours of personal tasks, with some occasional weekend duties (such as: watering garden beds, flipping compost, taking care of short-term volunteers needs, feeding animals, etc).  All interns will also participate in community chores such as cooking, cleaning communal areas, and maintaining the site.  Interns will also participate in community meetings ranging from managerial tasks to personal emotional sharing "talking-stick" gatherings.

Interns should consider their position at Panya as a job. We like to have fun, but we have serious work to do. The place cannot function without the hard work and energy of all the members. If you care deeply about the work you are doing, you are sure to get most you can out of your time.


What Do you Get?

  • Permaculture Design Certification (PDC), a 72-hour intensive permaculture training experience that will give a basic foundation of applied ecological design

  • Natural Building Course

  • Some amount of Thai language training

  • Thai Self Reliance Course with Michael Commons

  • Community living experience

  • Hands-on Permaculture experience

  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills

  • Develop advanced permaculture skills through hands-on experience in natural building, gardening, plant propagation, food forest establishment, community development, and much more

  • Mentorship and networking opportunities from an established network of professional permaculture designers, consultants, and farmers

  • Management experience. By the fourth month of your internship, you will be required to take on the management of specific areas of the project, which is an incredible opportunity to build your management skills in a group setting. 



We are looking for people willing to commit to 12 months on site. 12 months is ideal as you have the opportunity to experience the full cycle of the seasons.

Dates: December 1, 2017 – December 2018 

Duration: We are asking you to commit to 1 year.

Applications must be received by September 20th

We expect this internship to fill, so please apply now!



12-Month Internship – $3800 (including a PDC course) ($7000 for couples)

It’s our goal to keep the costs as low as possible while getting the needs met of everyone involved. The costs above reflect a need to pay our course teachers and then cover some portion of your food costs for the duration of your time here. The costs also cover what can be a rather expensive process of getting you the appropriate visas. The community will cover the rest in the hopes that this can be affordable to you. It is our goal to make this trade a worthwhile one and ensure that you go away having learned a ton, and had a lot of fun!


Apply Now!

Applications need to be received by September 20th at the latest.


Thank you so much for your interest!

If you have specific questions, please email us a panyaproject@gmail.com