At the Panya Project we regularly host a multitude of different courses. Including Courses on: Natural Building, Permaculture Design, Permaculture in Practice, Organic Gardening, and a whole array of other types of courses and workshops.
We aim to create an inspiring community atmosphere empowering both teachers and students alike to be the positive change
we wish to see in the world.

Natural Building Courses

Natural building utilizes minimally processed, nontoxic materials and systems used appropriately for the climate, site and use. Natural Building design incorporates primarily natural materials rather than high embodied energy, processed commercial materials, with a focus on getting these natural materials from as local a source as possible–ideally, from the building site itself. At Panya we work with natural earth bricks and have built our main Sala, dormitories, compost toilets and long term resident’s premises with this technique. 

Our courses are aimed at people who want to acquire natural building knowledge & skills that can subsequently used in various situations such as building your own house or working with others on a natural building project. Upcoming courses will be posted soon to our website. 

Permaculture Design Course

The Panya Project delivers the internationally recognized 72-hour two week introduction to Permaculture course following the Permaculture Design Manual. The course covers the main topics of Permaculture that include The Design Principles and Ethics, Deep Ecology, Patterns and Systems Thinking, Water and Waste Management, Natural Building and Climate Specific Design Strategies, Urban Permaculture and much more. After successful completion of this course you will receive your Permaculture Design Certificate. Our courses fill up fast.

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Upcoming Courses

Permaculture Design Certificate: September 13-27, 2019





We would love to have you join!