Thai Language Self-Reliance Course: July 15-24, 2017


The Panya community invites you to join us in learning Thai Language and Self Reliance!

This course is primarily focused on helping the course members develop the skill to comfortably communicate in Thai in a few, key everyday situations. The focus is not on quantity, but quality with the main emphasis being able to understand and clearly pronounce useful phrases that will enable one to: meet and greet,  shop, get around, start a conversation and most important: learn more Thai! It could also be called "survival Thai", but we call it self-reliant Thai because the rest of the course focuses on sharing knowledge and practicing basic skills of self-reliance around food + health, natural medicine, household goods, music and art, and soil fertility. As the course is short and Thai language skils will be the core input we are limited as to what knowledge we can exchange in these areas, but are flexible to reflect the interest of the participants. 

The course will be in the spirit of fun learning and experimentation at the wonderful Panya Project with its team of engaged practitioners of Permaculture and Self-Reliance.

Course Coordinator/ Facilitator:     

Michael Commons graduated from UCLA in Linguistics and Anthropology and has now lived for over 15 years in Thailand. He is fluent in Thai as well as several other languages and practices + teaches Forest Gardening, Regenerative Supply Chain Development, and Self-Reliance. Michael has experience teaching Spanish, English, and Thai where he draws from his knowledge in linguistics and experience as a language learner in many different countries and cultural contexts.

– Note: While this course is aimed for complete beginners in Thai language, those who know a bit but havn't managed to communicate successfully in basic situations are also encouraged to join!


Course price: US$275 (9,500 Baht). This price includes all meals and accomodation for the duration of the course. We ask all registrants to make a deposit of US $100 to secure your spot and to pay the remainder of the fee (US $175) in cash upon arrival.

Register now!

**Scholarships are available for people from Thailand / surrounding SE Asia countries.**

Panya is funded through the support of our volunteers, who each contribute to food and accommodation costs through a weekly payment. This helps us break even on the cost of having a short-term community on site. Our bigger projects, maintenance systems, and compensation for our instructors is gained through the courses we run.

Please Note: We will not be held responsible for any financial losses accrued. In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled your deposit will be refunded in full. The closing date for registering for the course is July 14, 2017 or until the course reaches maximum enrollment. With the exception of course cancellation, deposits are non-refundable. We will accept late bookings if there is space available.

Fundraise for your tuition

If you are interested in a creative way to come up with funds for this course, look into fundraising for it through It is a great way to reach out to your family and friends, let them know what you are up to, and give them an easy way to contribute to your education.


The Accommodation:

At the Panya Project we have two dormitory buildings as well as a number of private rooms available. If you would like to reserve a private room (not fancy!) we are asking for an extra contribution of $50 for the course. You will be provided with a mattress, mosquito net, sheets, blankets, and pillow. If you would strongly prefer to be in one space or the other please let us know and we will try to make that happen for you. Fresh, vegetarian/vegan food will be provided throughout the course. Special dietary needs can be accommodated within reason, but please let us know in advance.


Contact information:

Please feel free to email us at for any additional information.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Sawadee ka.