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Directions to the Panya Project, Chiang Mai:

In this article you will find directions from Chiang Mai by public transportation, directions for driving yourself and directions from Pai.  The Panya Project used to be called the Baan Thai Project several years ago.

Coming from Chiang Mai via Public Transport:

- Here are the Directions if you are in Chiang Mai and you want to catch a truck (bus) to the farm:

This bus leaves at 12:00 noon, everyday except Sundays.  It also returns from Panya every morning at 6:00 to 7:00am except Sundays (as long as we call him and tell him to pick us up).

Go to the US embassy and face the Namping River with the embassy behind you.
Then walk to your right through the intersection and just a bit further down you’ll see a Red Cross office on your right.

After this you’ll see a gold shop on your right on the corner. Just after the shop is a large mall called Nakornping Bazaar (pictured below).

There is a small alley just to the right of the Bazaar building.

Walk down this road about 50-100 meters, and at the end before the road starts to turn and come back around you will see two large white trucks parked on the left-hand side of the road.  These look like the normal “songtow” public transport/taxi type truck with an open-air covered back with two rows of seats, but these are bigger than the red ones you see around town.  Go and look through the back of the truck and you’ll see a sign that says “Pun Pun Jon Jandai’s Farm” near the front windows and another sign that says "The Panya Project" (the truck goes to both farms). This is how you know you have the right truck. If the truck does not say this it’s not the right truck. It is also good to say 'Panya?' to the driver, as he will immediately confirm that he is going there. This will also make sure he will know where to drop you off. He does not speak English but knows where to take you. This is what the truck looks like:

He leaves from this spot everyday at noon but is parked there all morning after around 9 am. It is good to either find the truck in the morning or arrange to be at the truck by 11:30 am to make sure you can find it. It will take around 2 hours to get to the farm because of stops to other villages.  Near the end of the trip the driver will make a delivery to the local market and unload many items.  You can just stay on and continue. Eventually he will stop at a bend in the road with a dirt road on the right. This is your destination. The cost of the ride is 70 baht/person and you pay the driver when you get off. Follow the dirt road for about 750 meters and you will find a big open air building that is the center of the project.

– Driving to the Farm:

Drive on Hwy 107 (Chiang Mai – Mae Rim Rd) out of Chiang Mai.  About 40 km north is Mae Taeng.

Turn Right about 3-5 km north of Mae Taeng, on the road toward the Mae Ngat Dam.  It is the second stop light after Mae Ma Lai.

This will take you up a hill and back down the other side.  Keep going past the gold framed life-sized portraits of the King that are on the right-hand side of the road.

Turn Left in 5.6 km, just as the road starts to ease left. This is quite a large turnoff with another gold framed life-sized portrait of the King on the left-hand side of the road.

Stay left at Y in 3.7 km.

Go straight through the stop sign in about 1 km, past the market.

In 0.3 km turn right at the first giant tree (empty lot on right).

You should then pass over a bridge in about 100 meters.

After 0.8 km, turn left at T (temple on the right).

Stay on this road until you get to a right turn, with a disused school yard on the corner.  Take this right.

Go another 2 km and you will find Moo Bahn Mae Jo.

If you are going to the Panya Project, look for a sign that says “Panya Project,” just as you start to see the first houses of Moo Baan Mae Jo.  The sign will be on the right.

Turn right down the dirt road and watch out for mud (if it is the rainy season)!

If you are going to Pun Pun:

Go another 2 km or so, past the houses of the village and just as you are getting out of them there will be a small dirt road with a sign that says Pun Pun.  Turn right here.  Follow to the end.  Wander until you find someone!

Coming from Pai:

Take a bus (or minibus or hitch or whatever) east to the main road to Chiang Mai (Hwy 107) at Mae Ma Lai.

Take a white song-tao north (left) up the road.

Go through Mae Taeng and maybe 3 km north get off at the big road to the right that goes to Mae Ngat Dam.  Keep a lookout for it—it is the first big road past Mae Taeng.  The song-tao stops at a motorbike taxi place almost directly across from the turn-off and the song-tao turns around and queues right after this stop, so you won’t go far if you miss the stop.

Take a motorbike taxi to Panya.

Tell them you want to go to the Panya Project.

They have sidecars and charge ฿140 for 1 person, ฿160 for 2 people and ฿200 for 3.

They know where to go and should drop you off right at the sala (our front door) or on the main road – just follow the sign and walk the remaining 750m Panya.

Good luck, and Godspeed!