About Visiting and Volunteering

Thanks for your interest in visiting the Panya Project.  Whether it is to come and help out for a while, or simply to see the site, we would love to have you.

We do ask that all visitors help us cover costs by contributing a 300 baht per day. This covers food, accommodation and helps pay for the extra panya expenses, such as tools and materials.

Because of our busy schedule, we are unfortunately very limited in the timing that we can welcome guests.  We would love to be able to get anyone who wants to visit out here for a bit of a tour and a visit, and we are always excited about any help in the gardens and on the building projects, but we also request to not have any visitors during the courses and internships that we host.

Whether you are interested in volunteering for a couple of weeks or just planning a day visit, we do request that you e-mail us in advance to let us know your plan.  Then we can either confirm with you that your dates will work for us, or not.

We encourage people to stay for at least one week or longer, depending on our schedule, as this helps you to get used to our way of life, be more effective in your stay and lets us get to know you as well. To ensure the best experience, we request that volunteers arrive at The Panya Project on either a Monday or Tuesday.

We are not a guest house.  Please do not come here expecting to be able to get a cheap place to stay.  We are not interested in being a guest house, or having people come with these intentions.  We are excited to have people here who are interested in sustainable living systems, and who would sincerely like to help out and learn a lot!

 There are certain times that we will not be accepting any volunteers and visitors.  This is when we are hosting an internship, course or school group. 

Below you will find our new volunteering policy and some additional information regarding the upcoming months:

Ideally, all volunteers commit to a stay of at least one week with us.  This is so you can get the full experience of being here and also so we, as a community, can be the most productive and efficient here during your stay.

There is a one week minimum stay requested.  Upon your arrival, you will be asked to pay for that first week.  We hope that you understand that it can be a lot of work to have short term stays. 

Also, if you are interested in staying on for a longer period of time (months, perhaps), it is highly recommended that you come here and stay for one week first, and then re-assess if you’d like to stay longer after you’ve been here for a while and have had a taste for what life is like here.

Getting to and away from the farm is your own responsibility.  There is a truck that leaves our village every morning very early for Chiang Mai, and returns every day at noon. (see directions) We can also arrange a truck for you for 1000 baht each way (up to 12 people).

A blogpost from a former intern at Panya