About Volunteering and Visiting

Thanks for your interest in the Panya Project. Whether it is to come and help out for a while, or simply to see the site, we would love to meet you.

Right now Panya is at a new start. At the moment we are a quite small community and we are in a growing process, trying to set the place up new. We live Permaculture in our daily life and we are on the way of sustainable living.


Whenever we are not hosting courses or groups we are excited to accept volunteers here who are interested in sustainable living systems, organic farming and Permaculture, and who would sincerely like to help out and learn a lot!

The work of the volunteers depend on the need of Panya and the actual mentor, but we are mainly working in the garden and common tasks.

Our volunteering policy

  • If you are interested in volunteering, please read our whole policy.
  • Every volunteering stay starts with an Internship of one week. This week will include an introduction to Panya’s infrastructure and operations, so subsequently volunteers can live and contribute to the Panya Project with minimal guidance & supervision.

  • We encourage volunteers to stay for at least one week or longer, depending on our schedule. This helps you to get used to our way of life, be more effective in your stay and lets us get to know you as well.
    Also, if you are interested in staying for a longer period of time (months, perhaps), it is highly recommended that you come here and stay for one week first, and then re-assess if you’d like to stay longer after you’ve been here for a while and have had a taste for what life is like here.
  • The Internship begins regularly on Monday’s.

  • The Internship include wide variety of sustainable & DIY activities that will teach self-reliance, like organic gardening, composting, small scale Afro-forestry, garden to table cooking or natural building (not during the rain season). Volunteers also learn DIY skills as making hand-made soaps, yogurt, tofu and kambucha.

  • After one week of the Internship volunteers may continue their stay for a contribution of 400 Baht per day. The contribution will help to keep the Project running and is used for food, accommodation and other expenses, such as tools and materials.

  • Currently we do not have any proper way to deal with plastic waste at Panya, so please try and limit the amount of packaged bits and pieces that you bring into the community.

  • As we are located in a traditional Thai village (Ban Mae Jo), we ask you to dress in an acceptable way for Thai culture when you arrive at Panya and during any outings to the village during your stay with us.

  • We are not a guest house. Please do not come here expecting to be able to get a cheap place to stay.

  • Getting to and away from the farm is your own responsibility. There is a veggie truck that leaves our village every morning (around 6.00 to 7.00 am.) for Chiang Mai, and returns every day at noon from Monday to Saturday. See directions.



For more information about our accommodation at Panya go here.

A voluntary day at Panya after the Internship

  • ‘Noble silence’ until 7.30 am. This allows for a deeper connection with our surroundings and ourselves.
  • Breakfast
  • 8.30 am.: Daily Meeting
  • Working until 11 am.
  • Cooking together with Panya member and lunch around 12.30 pm.
  • free time until 4 pm.
  • Working about one more hour
  • Cooking and dinner (organized by the volunteers)
  • ‘Noble silence’ from 10.30 pm.

Saturday and Sunday are days off.



If you are interested in visiting us, please contact us per e mail.

Because of our busy schedule, we are unfortunately very limited in the timing that we can welcome guests. We would love to be able to get anyone who wants to visit out here for a bit of a tour, and we are always excited about any help in the gardens, but we also request to not have any visitors during the courses that we host. Your are welcome to visit us from Mondays to Fridays, because Saturday and Sunday are days off at Panya.

For an accommodation you can contact earthhome,  a home stay near by.

A blogpost from a former intern at Panya