Internship, 2018

The Panya community invites you to join us for a short-term-internship. The Panya Project is a community, which are on the way of a sustainable way of live and our aim is to inspire people for a self-determined life. We want to empower people of all backgrounds to grow healthy food from their homes and live a holistic and rewarding life in the process. It is our aim to teach a way of life with nature and in balance with your self.

What is this Internship about?

This internship will include a wide variety of sustainable & DIY activities which teach self-reliance. It will give an understanding of the daily community life of the project and so be an introduction to Panya’s infrastructure and operations. The activities are focus on food production in a healthy, regenerative manner, including cooking, and homemade products. Besides this there will be small daily duties to keep the farm running. All cooking and cleaning chores are shared and rotated on a daily basis.

The program will cover a range of topics and skills applicable to live anywhere on this planet, not just the tropics. In this internship we teach based on our daily life experience. It is our goal to live and practice a sustainable way of life and we are very eager to share as much of our knowledge as possible. The simple way of life and the simplicity of the techniques should lead to inner peace and harmony. During the internship we want to create a supportive learning community where trust, compassion, support and connection is built among participants.


The Internship is designed that after the program the participants can continue as volunteers and contribute to the Panya Project with minimal guidance & supervision.

Details of the Program:

The Internship include a 4,5-days program of activities from Mondays afternoon to Fridays night.  It takes place every 2 weeks. Saturday and Sunday are days off at Panya and can be used to deepen independent the learned things, spent time at Panyas library and to enjoy the place and the community.

Topics and activities covered by the course will include:

  • Gardening techniques – learning how to create garden beets and care for annual and perennial gardens

  • Soil – how to create your own compost and build healthy, living soils

  • Seed saving and Plant propagation – how to save money by endlessly propagating your own plants by using your own seeds or offshoots rather than buying them from nurseries

  • Food forest – how to care about fruit trees, forests and forest gardening

  • Garden to table cooking – how to cook Thai vegetarian food by using locally-sourced vegetables.

  • DIY – how to produce homemade and healthy products like dish soap, yogurt, tofu, Kimchi and Kambucha

As part of the program, participants will be engaging in many practical activities – using hand tools, planting, gardening, etc. Please be prepared to get dirty and have a lot of fun in the process!


Contribution: 4.500 Baht

The contribution include food and accommodation from the afternoon of the 3rd to the morning of the 17th of December.

Register now!

The internship will take place with a number of at least 5 participants. In the case of a smaller amount of registrations the interested people can join us as volunteers.

The Accommodation:

At the Panya Project, we have two dormitory buildings, as well as a number of private rooms available.


If you would like to reserve a private room (not fancy!) we are asking for an extra contribution of 2000 Baht per room for the time of the Internship. Either way, you will be provided with a place to sleep, mosquito net, mattress, sheets, blankets and pillow. If for some reason you would strongly prefer to be in one space or the other, please note it in the registration form and we will try to make that happen for you. Fresh, vegetarian food will be provided. Special dietary needs can be accommodated within reason, but please let us know in advance.

Course Instructor:


Mod is a local Thai gardener. He lived at Thai sustainable community such as Wongsanit Ashram in Rangsit Nakhon Ajok and Pun Pun in Chiang Mai for over ten years. While at Pun Pun, a highly respected sustainable living community, he was the head garden manager and participated in many natural builds throughout the organization. Furthermore he worked as a gardener at Dripping Spring Garden, an organic farm (CSA), in Arkansas and Solar Living Institute and Art Ecology Learning Center at Hopland, Northern California.

Contact information:

Please feel free to email us at for any additional information you may need.

If you enjoy the Internship with us, you are welcome to stay longer and join us as a volunteer.