Loong Choke’s Basics of Bamboo Course – March 27 – April 1

Loong Choke's Bamboo Wisdom School


Basics of Bamboo-  5 day course


This is a first offering of Loong Choke's Bamboo School in English (to welcome those from outside Thailand to learn and develop knowledge together on bamboo and how to use it.)


March 27 (evening)- to 1 April, 2018 at Suan Loong Choke, Wang Nam Khiew, Korat, Thailand


7500 THB – or $240 USD-   (not including travel costs)


Instructor Loong Choke before students learning how to construct and join with bamboo


Includes instruction and interpretation into English,  all meals during the course period, lodging, materials and equipment for use in the course.


The course will cover the basics – both in instruction and hands on practice- of the following:


  • Bamboo propagation methods and characteristics of some of the many different varieties

  • Harvest and Treatment of bamboo for long term preservation and use

  • Basic Building with Bamboo- The group will practice and build a small structure, probably a small rest house.

  • Bamboo Biochar- The group will learn and practice making Bamboo charcoal (can be called biochar) of a high grade that can be used for many purposes.

  • Bamboo Mushrooms-  The group will learn about and practice some of the steps of cultivation of bamboo mushrooms.   Bamboo mushrooms are highly valued in Chinese culture for culinary and medicinal purposes.  

  • Simple bamboo handicraft-  The group will learn and practice making some simple but attractive bamboo crafts, such as candles, cups, hangers, straws.


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Maximum 30 participants to allow full involvement by all and good group dynamics  


Lodging is a choice of shared rooming in homes, or tents (which can offer more privacy.)  Bathrooms are all shared.  Towels and bath amenities are not provided although some good quality natural products (soap and shampoo) are available for sale.


Food will be Thai. Can accommodate vegetarians, or other dietary needs with advance notice.


Course is 5 days and 5 nights.   Participants should arrive the afternoon- evening of the day before the course starts (27 March).  Dinner will be provided and this evening will be a chance for all to get to know each other and settle in the location.   Then there will be 4 full days.  The last day, day 5 (April 1), the session will conclude in the early afternoon (after lunch).   


The Location-  Suan Loong Choke (Loong Choke's Garden) is located in Wang Nam Khiew, Nakorn Ratchasima province, Thailand. It is a beautiful forest garden with many bamboo groves in the mountains near Khao Yai National Park.  Suan Loong Choke was the site of the 4th Thailand Permaculture Convergence and exemplifies good ecological design in line with Permaculture principles.  The space is a wonderful place to rest and learn surrounded by nature.


The Instructor-  Chokedee Paraloganond (known as Loong “Uncle” Choke) is a respected elder and teacher who has been practicing “Wanakaset”  (Forest Gardening and Self-Reliance) for over 29 years, receiving many visitors and students.   While bamboo has been a key part of his garden for many years, over the last 3 plus years he has focused much more on bamboo and its many valuable uses, seeing bamboo as a key tool for regeneration and a resource for sustainable living systems.  His home/ farm has also become a bamboo biodiversity center, now with over 90 varieties of bamboo.


The Interpreter/ Assistant-  Michael Commons has been living in Thailand for over 15 years. working with small-scale integrated organic farmers, practicing forest gardening and self-reliance with his family, and active in the Permaculture movement.   Joining the International Permaculture Convergence in Hyderabad, India with Loong Choke, helping to interpret for him, Loong Choke saw the opportunity to open his Bamboo Wisdom School to visitors from other countries.


Payment-  As space is limited to ensure a good programme, payment is required to ensure a space for this programme.


While the course cost has been kept very low, as the organizers know there may be some for whom even this fee is a burden, we wish to offer 2 scholarships for half the course cost for low income small-scale farmers who are engaged in their local communities with local sustainable (or regenerative) community development.


If interested, the potential participant should write about who he/ she is, what he/ she are doing, and what he/ she intends to do with the knowledge from this course.


Payment in kind-  As we also are trying to support non-monetary exchange, we are open to consider partial payment in kind (thus reducing the total monetary expense).   If interested in this, please give more information of what goods or services you would wish to offer in exchange for part of the course cost.


Getting There-  The location is about 3 hours 45 minutes away from Bangkok by private vehicle.  Public transportation is available. The organizers will help link participants for potential carpooling and can help arrange shared vans (at actual cost to participants) to and from Bangkok.


To register and for more info contact:   Michael Commons    

michael@greennet.or.th      +66  81 868 8720

Follow Loong Choke and his bamboo adventures on Facebook at  “Loongchoke Unclechoke Garden”


Photos from Suan Loong Choke and past courses

Loong Choke speaking in front of a bamboo grove                   Participant practicing bamboo joinery



Bamboo stakes ready for use

Bamboo bits transformed to handicraft or high quality Biochar

Loong Choke showing one method of cultivating bamboo mushrooms

Bamboo Propagation and Diversity

Hands on Bamboo Construction

Bamboo Structure details


Bamboo is an amazing renewable resource that grows well in forest garden systems and can help regenerate landscapes.  To discover more of its values and many uses join

Loong Choke's Bamboo Wisdom School.