Welcome to the Panya Project

The Panya Project is a intentional community focusing on natural building, permaculture education and self empowerment


Our Vision: To be an educational centre inspiring people to become ambassadors of change in the world. We aim to evolve not only in the social environment but also our physical bodies and the spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms.


Help us reach our vision by visiting us as a short-term or mid-term volunteer

As a community we are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We are also eager to learn from you.


We regularly host Permaculture Design Courses and Introductions to Permcaulture, as part of a global movement to bring this important information to the world.  With over 2000  graduates and such inspiring teachers as Geoff Lawton, Christian Shearer, Richard Perkins,  Geoffroy Godeau, Nick Tittle, and John Champagne, Panya delivers courses that are on par with any permaculture center in the world and at incredibly low prices.

Please check out our course listings and come join us.

Panya is also a Permaculture Education centre.  We play with mud to build our houses.  Constantly experimenting and improving our techniques.  Join us for any of our internships or building courses and you are sure to have an amazing time as well as getting a great introduction to earthen building.



Panya’s Project Concept:

To experiment with and model an integrally sustainable way of living in the wet/dry tropics.  This project aims for sustainability not only in the physical environment, but also in the social environment, our physical bodies and the spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms.  The Panya People tend to have a lot of fun as well!

Permaculture is the system that will primarily inform how the project moves forward in the physical plane.

The 10-acre (four hectare) site is situated in the low hills of northern Thailand, between the conventional rice/soy/corn farms of the local village and a beautiful expanse of second growth national forest.  It features demonstrations of humanure composting toilet systems, earthen buildings and a medium scale water harvesting system, including a large dam at the top of the land and about 500 metres of swales.  The project is also host to production gardens and a diverse food forest, with over 40 varieties of fruit trees, established in 2007-2011.

Here is a slideshow of the early days made by one of Panya’s friends Ethan Roland from Appleseed Permaculture.





Featuring Panya Founder Christian Shearer

Check out the Documentary by AHOOHA!

This film is so beautifully done.  Please check it out, download it and share it freely, as it was crowdfunded to be free for the world.  You can download the full length film at http://seedsofpermaculture.org/

 Thanks to all who gave to make this documentary a reality.  Through a crowdfunding effort on www.WeTheTrees.com, we were able to collect enough money to see this film through the final stages of production.

Permaculture Thailand

The project serves as an education centre, hosting frequent PDC courses on site and a number of building workshops and internships throughout the year.  Adjacent to the project is another sustainable living projects, including Pun Pun Educational Centre, a seed saving center and education centre for SE Asian activists as well as international sustainable living enthusiasts.  As a group of communities, these projects aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, model a joyous, integrated, healthy way of life, continue to learn as much as they can along the way and to share what they can with all.

And here are a couple shots:

The condition of the land at the beginning (in the foreground). 

The condition of the land after three years of Permaculture!