When you arrive at the Panya Project, we try to accommodate you the best we can, but please remember that we are not a guest house or resort.

We now have two dorm buildings, each with room for 12 guests.  Each has its own mosquito net, sleeping pad, sheets, blankets, and pillow.



Because we grow veggies and fruits, we eat primarily vegetable based Thai food. However, we are open for other diet forms. We are pretty flexible and accommodating to special dietary needs, and you are welcome to use the kitchen—cook us up some of your hometown specialties!  We likely don’t have specialty foods, though, so bring your own if you need it. (Take heed: that includes coffee!)

Our showers are in a lush outdoor setting.  We have two shower heads in each of the mens and womens areas.  The shower and sink run-off into a garden, so please use only natural biodegradable products here.  We will often have natural soaps, shampoos, and laundry soap available.

We use a “humanure” dry composting toilet system. It works much like an outhouse, but we always cover our business with rice husks, so if properly maintained it doesn’t smell. (Eventually the “humanure” will be completely composted and then put on our fruit orchard.)

We have limited internet access at Panya, there for you to use if necessary.

There is a lake nearby for swimming, and a beautiful national forest with trails into it.

Its pretty nice!