Please help us fund-raise for the permaculture movie described above and for the rebuilding of the "Sala" at Panya. We are so excited to take part in the making of this film, which we believe will deliver a high quality exploration of permaculture in the tropics.  And once it is produced, we are going to give it away for FREE!  Please donate to help us make this possible.  The Sala is our main multi-functional building. It was one of the first built at Panya, and now after almost six years is ready to be replaced. The new structure is going to be built to last at least 30 years. It will function as the teaching, eating, dancing, socializing, yoga-ing, meditating, and general be-ing space on the land. The new structure will also include a enclosed and much improved library and office space as well. This structure is literally the zone zero of the Panya Project, and probably gets 10 times as much use as any other building in the place. Your contribution, whether big or small, is much appreciated to keep Panya doing the inspiring work it does.


This fundraiser is currently on HOLD while we move it to a new location.  A new permaculture croud-funding website is starting up, and this fundraiser will be one of the first to be active on that site!  The new exciting site will be launched by the end of the year.


I am excited to share with you a new vision for Panya. There are big things taking place, and we need your help to make it as successful as it can be.

We would like to contribute to the Permaculture world by making an hour-long Tropical-Permaculture-In-Action Film. We will be teaming up with AHOOHA Productions, the creators of Freedom Ahead. This team of film makers has come to Panya before and offered to make this film to super high quality standards, at an extremely low price; They are basically volunteering their time to make this a reality. This film is sure to be one of the nicest Permaculture Films to date, and hopefully will help to continue the rise of permaculture ideas around the world. Assuming that we can raise the capital to pay for it, the film will be put out to the collective commons for free use and distribution! You can help make that happen.

Here is a trailer for Ahooha Productions new film Freedom ahead, which also features the Panya Project.  Check it out and see why we feel Ahooha is exactly who we want to team with for this film.

teaser Freedom Ahead from ahooha on Vimeo.

After five incredible years of courses, building and the planting of an incredible food forest, we plan on making a few upgrades, and that is where we need your help. We need a new teaching facility.  In Thai we call it the "Sala." The old one has served us well, with over 200 students getting the PDC on that floor, a number of other incredible workshops and internships being centered there, and some unforgetable dance parties.  But it is time to down cycle that wood, and put up something that will last us for the next 30 years. This new building will have a library / office upstairs, as well as a veranda that looks out over the veg gardens. We are attempting to use all second hand wood for this project, and keep it as low cost as possible (while still building something beautiful, functional and long-lasting). Downstairs will be our yoga / meditation / teaching / eating / dancing / and all purpose space. We are imagining something truly beautiful. A combination of second hand lumber and earthen sculpture.

Starting in 2012, panya is going to see some major changes. We are teaming up with a family farm in Korat Thailand, and will now have a second campus that we can conduct our courses, and dive even deeper into Tropical Permaculture. We are calling the new campus Panya CQ.  One of our goals for that site is to make it truly agriculturally profitable so we can prove to the world that Permaculture can actually feed people and make money!

Quick run down of ideas for this site: Dairy Cows (Panya Organic Ice Cream anyone?), Turkeys, ducks, aquaculture, an organic veggie farm, more courses, and much much more. And as I said, this new site will be a second campus for the courses that Panya hosts. So now when someone comes to Thailand to learn about tropical permaculture, they can spend a couple weeks in the climate of Korat (2.5 hours from Bangkok) and then a couple more weeks in the Hills of Chiang Mai.

This fundraising effort is not specifically raising money for this project, but the film will be shot on location at both sites, and if we can raise enough, including the matching funds, we hope to use that money to get Panya CQ off the ground.


Here's the kicker. We have a private funder who said that he will personally match all donations that are raised through this fundraising effort, so please donate what you can. Our goal is to see over 2000 people give (even if it is just $3).


We are shooting for $25,000. Basically half that money will be put toward buiding the new sala, and the other half will go toward the shooting, editing and production of the permaculture film (which we will then give away for free). If we can raise $25,000 on this fundraising effort, then the matching funds could go directly into the quick implementation of our second campus, complete with a dairy, huge aquaculture, and rice / fish systems. We are very excited to make this happen, and would love your help, so please donate now!

What do you say? Is this a good cause or what?

*If you prefer to donate through check, wire, or by handing us cash, all of that is possible. Just e-mail Christian – – for details of how to do that.




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*You may pick up your ice cream or bottle of Kambucha or wine when visiting Panya.  These gifts will not be sent.


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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this fundraising campaign.

Thanks so much for your support!