Organic Gardening: The Permaculture Way

Organic gardening poster 4Panya Project Proudly Presents as part of it's "Focus On Food" range of courses and workshops this exciting and innovative new course:

Organic Gardening; The Permaculture Way

Cultivate you're green thumbs, learn the fundamentals of permaculture and experience community living in a nurturing environment at the Panya project permaculture education centre and intentional community.

This workshop will be focusing on Organic gardening, teaching you everything you need to know to produce quality, fresh, organic vegetables year round.

From the urban balcony to the rural farm this workshop will teach you how to grow more veg in less space than you ever imagined to be possible!

Maximising your available space and producing an abundance of nutritious and delicious vegetables, herbs and soft fruit.

Key topics in the workshop will include:


• Soil Building & Remediation:

Discover the secrets behind making awesome compost and other soil improvers. Learn how to apply green manuring techniques, crop rotation and soil food web technologies to help keep your garden healthy and fertile.

• Organic Pioneering:

Learn about “No dig” & “Biointensive” gardening techniques, which can help you to pioneer extraordinarily healthy and productive gardens, even if you're starting from damaged land or an overgrown jungle plot!

• Organic Veg, Herbs & Soft Fruit Production:

Learn what to plant at which time of the year & how to look after it. Including special tips & tricks for specific crops. The wonderful arts of propagation and how to prune soft fruit to maximise fruit production and save space.

• Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

The ecological garden aims to host a diverse range of plants and animals, mimicking a natural ecosystem in order to provide services such as pest control & pollination. Learn how to create habitats which attract the beneficial beings. Identify the root causes of potential disease and pest problems in order to create a harmoniously integrated edible ecosystem.

• Garden Planning:

Apply the science of Permaculture design in order to map, plan and arrange all the elements of your garden to maximise efficiency and productivity. Regardless of the size of your garden permaculture design can help you to get the most out of it in terms of; production, energy efficiency, economy and enjoyment.

• Organic Fertiliser & Pesicides:

Learn how to produce a number of different and very effective organic fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides from easily available materials. Gain an understanding of when to apply them and when to let systems fend for themselves.

Supplementary Topics will include:


• Introduction to Permaculture:

Exploring the fundamentals of permaculture and how to integrate it into your daily lives.

• Introduction to Deep Ecology:

Be prepared to shift your paradigms and find out what it really means to cultivate communities for the benefit of all beings.

• Greywater Management:

Learn how to clean and recycle your waste-water for use in the garden. Producing closed loop, energy efficient and water conserving systems.

• Planting With the Moon:

Discover the ancient arts of planting, cultivating and harvesting plants in accordance with the special dynamic rhythms of the cosmos.

• Fun Fermentation:

Learn how to make Wine, Mead, Kombucha, Yoghurt, Cheese and Natural Soaps.

• Community living:

Experience community living in a wholesome and nurturing environment. The panya project is a well established intentional community, and permaculture education centre. Our trainers, facilitators and community members have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences to share and welcome the skills and insights that visitors and participants can share with us in turn.

We are all teachers and learners on our pathway to sustainable living.

Course Cost: $250



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