Permaculture Crowd Funding:

Just to let everyone in the Panya Project world know, the new permaculture crowd funding platform WeTheTrees has just quietly launched, and the first campaign up on the site is for a solar cooker for Panya!  As of this writing it is already over 75% successfully funded, so it seems very likely that it will succeed.

These solar cookers are awesome. Definitely the best one I have ever used.  Here is the lunch that I made today, under and overcast sky:

WeTheTrees is looking for campaigns to be posted. If anyone has anything permaculture, environment or social change related that they want to fundraise for, big or small, now would be an excellent time to get your campaign up on the site, because as soon as the site has 8 campaigns posted, they are going to do a publicity blitz, and public launch.  This should drive a fair amount a traffic to the site, and give your campaign an opportunity to raise some money.

Lots of love, and keep up the good work.

Christian Shearer


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